Monday, April 26, 2010

Internship and Assisting

Starting to get ready for my internship with an amazing architecture photographer named Lawrence Anderson!!!

I'll also be assisting again Hristo Shindov tomorrow for a PETA public service announcement down in Malibu. Not going to be anything big, I guess we're just shooting a girl with a dog or something. Shooting at 4:30, Hristo said we'd be done by sundown for sure, so we'll see how it goes. I've assisted Hristo one other time and it was my first time ever assisting anyone one a professional advertising shoot.

I'm looking forward to it for sure tomorrow!

LA's internship is going to intense it sounds like as I spoke to LA today on the phone. A lot of shoots coming up and I'll be working with him for 4 months.

Check out Lawrence's work! Its amazing and solid in every way: LA

Check out Hristo's work as well! Completely opposite of LA's but just as good: HS

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