Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There are enough hours...

"There are enough hours — you just need to figure out how to use them to make your dreams into reality." - Janie Hewson (Marketing Creatives)

It always seems like the opposite of the above quote is true. Being busy can drain the life out of you, and the next second you look at the clock, the day's over and what was accomplished? Probably quite a bit, but always seems as if you needed more time.

This blog post, and the posting of any blog entry is one of those things that I always find the time to NOT do. To post-pone blogging for a couple of months is alright if you haven't anything to talk about.

There is one photographer that I've been itching at assisting for the past year, and it is definitely an opportunity I'd like to share.

Do you know what it feels like to pursue someone, after multiple meetings, phone calls, emails and to finally get the job? I'm pretty sure thats called marketing, am I right Janie?

What you sort of learn in school is how to market, but not always being taught how long marketing to someone can take. In this instance, almost an entire year to finally assist Tom Bonner, another Brookie who photographs architecture (Tom Bonner Photography)

How'd I manage that?  I had known who Tom was since I started getting into architecture photography and had been referred to him by one of my professors, Rob Winner, who had went to school with Tom.  I started calling him back in early 2010, and just two weeks ago did I finally get to assist him.

The project was an awesome school down in South-Central LA, not one of the neighborhoods I'd enjoy driving through, but I'll go anywhere if its for some cool architecture.

What makes an alright overcast day into a great day?  The sun coming out just in time, the project being modern, a great easy to talk to and active photographer, and finally, a client that helps move chairs, tables, books, and gives great input into every shot.

We got all the shots, the tripod never got bumped, and most importantly we had fun the entire day!

I'm looking forward to seeing what more LA has to offer both architecturally and photographically.  I am here to stay.

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