Thursday, January 28, 2010


This is my first blog.
My first blog post.
Not my first time thinking about creating a blog.
I'm into architectural photography.
My influence is Julius Shulman.
I have an infatuation for good design.
Mid-century modern architecture is my ideal style of architecture.
Hopefully I'll stick with this blog longer than I hope to, which is as long as I continue being a photographer.
This is just an example of which font I should use. A case study if you will of the really crappy fonts that has. But I think for my personality, and the style and type of photography I shoot, Verdana is the way to go. In school, Brooks Institute, I'm learning about typography and the many ways to be creative with it. The book, "Designing With Type," is an amazing book, that illustrates and describes a quick history of TYPE, and also teaches you how to become more design orientated with the typography you use.
After reading the entire book, I had learned so much! I'm about to dive in it for a 2nd time just so I can comprehend what I'd learned.
Since this is an introduction I might as well say that sometimes, depending on what it is, I get infatuated with it. Little things. Good typography in this case. I'd never really studied type which made this book extremely interesting. I finished it in 2 days, one day at home, and the other why relaxing throughout the airports of Seattle and Portland (unfortunately not on Charles and Ray Eames public seating
In advertisement, even though I'm not going into it since I'm geared 100% towards architecture as a professional career, uses typography a lot. Most individuals don't really think about it. Most just READ it, scan it, see it. Others, and I'm starting to get to this point, study it. Study the font type, either sans serif, serif, script, or some other wacky custom font. Study what I'd just learned is the tracking, kerning, and leading of the type. Tracking: word-spaceing. Kerning: individual letter spacing. Leading: linespacing. Each has its own functionality, and each can "make or break" a sentence, paragraph, or single word phrase in an advertisement.
There is so much that goes behind a photograph with copy, its unbelievable. I'd never recognized it, you might have never recognized it, but I hope since I'm mentioning it right now you'll start some of these aspects of the typography all around us. Every where we look its there. On the Coca Cola can in front of me, on the Maker's Mark bottle on my shelf, what you're reading every time you search the internet, read a newspaper, read a magazine, look at your text message, read an e-mail message. ITS EVERYWHERE! And us as photographers really can't escape it, either we know it and do it ourselves or we have a graphic designer/art director do it all for us. Its in our profession and its here to stay.

I don't know how good of a first post this was, but I don't care. I'll be doing many posts such as this and posting my photography as well, not only as an architecture shooter, but also some photos I do for assignments in class.

I'll also be at times posting what I'm listening to at the moment I'm typing the post, so you can get a glimpse of who I am through my music selection.


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