Monday, March 15, 2010


Don't you just hate it when you like something then it doesn't like you back? I'm in that situation now.

Photographically I'm flourishing. Got a shoot coming up on the 25/26th of March, and shooting for a hotel this Friday, meeting with them tomorrow.

Classes have just barely begun and I'm already stormed with general education crap that is pretty straight forward.

One architect I'm shooting for gave me 3 things to photograph over the next couple of months. One is a condo out in Carpinteria, another the Jury Assembly downtown, and another is a private residence whom I still need to drive up to and introduce myself to the home owner.

Haven't got the time at a decent hour of the day. Maybe a Saturday or Sunday will do. Should be pretty sweet.

Don't have any photographs I want to upload but will soon after I'm done editing some.

I've gotta keep up to date on this. I'm terrible!

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