Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Your Own Backyard

It is amazing what one will find in their own backyard, let alone in your home town.

When I got into architectural photography, I didn't have a clue what kind of architecture I liked. I didn't know of any architects except for Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry (Experience Music Project).  The big hitters in the world of architecture, and both of them named Frank.

I lived in my hometown of Kennewick, WA for 20 years before I finally moved to Southern California for school and now my profession.  Being in one place for twenty years numbed me from seeing past the boring lifestyle in Kennewick which is part of a Tri-City area.

I didn't care about the architecture.  I had no interest or infatuation with buildings or interior design.  Furniture had no part in my life.  For the longest time I was satisfied with normal furniture, the type of furniture that isn't custom made and doesn't come from Herman Miller, Knoll, Design Within Reach, Modernica, etc.

It was crazy enough when I finally discovered the first modern building I wanted to photograph in Kennewick.  A 3-story, double building dermatologist building.

Now it has come down to an architect known as ZGF, based out of Portland, OR.  These guys are a huge award winning architect firm.  Designing projects associated with academics, healthcare, corporate, and much more, these guys are incredible!  Researching them a little bit, I found out that they designed the Kadlec Medical Center Critical Care Unit in Richland, one of the three cities in the Tri-Cities area.

This architect and many others that I am discovering are making me want to actually return to my hometown and rediscover what I couldn't when I lived there.  And interestingly enough, it could lead to working up in Seattle!

How amazing would that be!

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