Friday, February 19, 2010

Business as Usual

I decided since I updated my website with my new logo and new typography, to go along and make business cards out of my contact page on my website.

I liked the logo itself and I liked the font. I designed the layout of the typography and how large each piece of information should be for the best readability.

I printed on Hahnemuhle Matte Fine Art and Brilliant Museum Silver Gloss White. I chose these two papers because they are the heaviest papers that I had (Hahn: 310gsm; Brill.: 300gsm).

Business cards to me are suppose to be pretty heavy in weight, not very flexible, sturdy. A business card that bends easily is asking to be destroyed quicker than one that doesn't bend as easily. Also a business card has to have a quality to it. A texture, to be exact. Hahnemuhle has exceptional quality paper, and so does Brilliant (esp. for their museum papers).

These are just a test though, and I think this coming up session I'll probably try and order about a couple hundred of these from an inexpensive but good quality place online.

I also might try and put a good picture on the reverse side, so its not just white, but I don't know.

And now that I just got reminded of this, since I used the same design as the contact page on my website, I forgot to put the url OF my website on my business cards. I was too focused on printing them that I completely missed that main element.

Hmm...tomorrow I'll print some more and see how they turn out.

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