Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I had someone make me a clean, sharp, minimalist looking logo which I think works well with my photography.

Payed 40$ for it. Not to shabby I'd say. I also redesigned my About page, and Contact page on my website

I'm going to try and use it for as long as as I can
until I design an edgier logo if this one seems to
not work as well in the future with my body of work.

In class, my teacher showed us this really
interesting book called, The Brand Gap,
which talks about Branding
and what it is and what it isn't.

Most people it says don't really know what
branding actually is. Some would think that
the "CB" in my logo is a brand, but it isn't.

Starting the book off, you immediately learn
something about branding. What it definitely isnt!
Logo, or a shortened version of LOGOTYPE, is derived
from the Greek word, WORD.

So a BRAND is not the CB. The Nike swoosh is not a brand.
Anything relating with typography or words
in a company is their logo or TRADEMARK.

I'd never known that the BRAND is "not what YOU say it is, but
what THEY say it is."

Very interesting concept, with which I'll be using from now on.

From now on, the three questions I'll have in mind
while trying to promote myself are:

Who am I?
What do I do?
Why does what I do matter?

Everyone should ask these questions.

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  1. Hey Chase, you should check this out. On point with what you were talking about above...just in visual form ;)