Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not Enough Hours In The Day

Its pretty difficult to keep posting on this blog. Mainly because I haven't very much time to just sit and type but I still will make an effort to post as much as I can, especially if I happen to shoot.

On Friday I got to shoot at Design Within Reach, here in Santa Barbara on State Street. I'd been wanting to photograph there for quite some time, and I finally got enough balls to get permission too. The manager, Lisa Goetz, is a really nice individual. Before I started shooting I spoke with her for 15-20 minutes about design, furniture and all the furniture that DWR holds.

Once I got to shooting, I didn't realize how hard it was to shoot in the studio because there are so many different colored light sources and the weather outside was rainy so since there was a sky light in the middle of the studio, there was a third light source. Fluorescent, tungsten, and overcast definitely do not match when it comes to setting white balance on a camera. I definitely spent some time in post-production color correcting as well as correcting for verticals and horizontals.

I probably spent about a couple of hours playing around and shooting stuff for myself as well as for them. When I approached Lisa, I mentioned that the photography on their website for the Santa Barbara location, wasn't all that great, and that I could definitely improve on them. I want to go back there with artificial lighting to do some twilight shots while using a polarizer so I don't get any nasty reflections in the front windows.

Tomorrow I'll be meeting with Peter Malinowski for him to take a look at my architecture book. I'll also try and see if I can assist for him to get more experience assisting. I think after assisting Hristo, I got a very good scope of what an assistant ought to do and what he/she ought to not do.

Starting in May, I'll be doing a 4 month long internship with Lawrence Anderson down in LA/Venice area. I've been speaking with Lawrence for about 4 months back and forth with emails, keeping in touch and what not. I had originally wanted to do a 2 month internship, but he mentioned he was getting married in July, and that I might want to do another 2 months with him, and I accepted 100%. So he gave the green light on May/June/July/August of interning for him. This will be an amazing opportunity because Lawrence is really good at what he does, and is one of those photographers right now that is shooting and getting new clients weekly, even with this shitty economy.

Tuesday I shoot hopefully all day for Fess Parker's Double Tree Hotel Resort, off of Cabrillo St., here in town. They need some images of people tasting wine since Fess Parker creates all of his own wines with which they have there to taste. Jean Gatewood, the executive sales administrator, is arranging also for me to shoot a couple guest rooms that are looking out towards the ocean. Tuesday is suppose to be raining so we'll see how good the view is out those balcony windows, ha!! It'll be a good experience shooting once again on location, and for a client, since they said that they have a budget which I'm also extremely excited about.
Jean also showed Rodney's Steakhouse restaurant that they have at the Double Tree, that later on, if I was interested I could definitely photograph for them as well. I want to shoot as much for them as I can, and hopefully shooting each time for money, instead of for barter guest room stays or free meals at Rodney's. Barters don't put food on my plate, nor do they fill up my gas tank, if you know what I mean :B.

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